Monday, February 14, 2011

So Far, Not So Good...

I truly like to look for the best in people, and I'm from a publishing background myself, which gives me something in common with Cathie Black. I want to give her a chance. Really. No, she doesn't have what I'd normally look for on a resume for her pending position, but then again (I tell myself when I'm in a charitable mood) who better to promote literacy than someone who has spent her career bringing books into creation?

But this "joke," well, I hope this does not represent her at her best, as a professional or as a person. If we are to hold onto high expectations for our kids, special needs or not, we must feel secure in high expectations for our schools. And as hard as I try, my already uneasy hopes for Cathie Black's success are slipping. Please Ms. Black, nothing would make me happier than your proving me wrong.

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